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Zebu washing day

Just like there are special days for doing your washing and Fadi days to not do washing there are also special days to wash your Zebu. What is a Zebu I hear you ask. Well a Zebu is simply a breed of cattle. In fact it is the only cattle breed in Madagascar and looks like a smaller Brahman. Apparently there is a plan to cross breed Zebu with milking cows so the island can be self sufficient with fresh milk (all is currently imported) but it doesn't seem to be working. Having one or a few Zebu is a status symbol but having a herd means you are downright wealthy. Anyway, Sunday is Zebu wash day. All the individual herds are bought to the beach (sometimes with the help of a dog) and taken into the water to head height and totally submerged. This is all done at low tide.

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