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Last Night on Coron

Because it is the peak tourist time and because there are not that many places to stay on the island I had to move hotels for my last night on Coron. The Palawan Sandcastles was recommended by the dive operator at the resort because they had a 2nd office here. Little did I know that it was considered a camp ground. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind the odd bit of camping but this place made the campground on the Mitchell river (where we used to go kayaking) look like the Burj Al Arab. I had the luxury suite which could accommodate 6 people. The only problem was that all 6 wouldn't be able to walk on the floors at the same time or else they would fall through. The bar only had beer and a very sickly dog that had an oozeing sore on its side. The sink for the bathroom did not have a working tap and although the shower had a shower head, it did not work either. The only saving grace was that at high tide I had the water lapping up to the support columns

under my bed. Lucky it was only for one night.

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