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Coron Island

Like any good western tourist you need to spend at least one day doing an island tour of Coron when visiting the region. I didn't really know what I signed myself up for until I got on the boat but as we headed off I had no idea that this island was so beautiful. With shades of Halong bay in Vietnam this beautiful place was full of crystal clear water and secret bays where your only means of access was to swim under narrow rocky overhangs. Our first stop involved a 300+ stair climb to then descend into the clear brackish Kayangan lake filled with people practising free diving. The next stop was another lake hidden behind a thin wall of rock that separated it from the ocean and that we had to swim ashore to get to. The final stop was twin lagoons which also involved a lot of swimming and floating to admire the stunning moss covered cliffs. Lunch was caught and then cooked for us freshly on the boat. We even had a visit from one of the local lizards. If you google some of the place names above you will get some great aerial views of what I have described.

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