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Weird Things

There are cities around the world known for different weird and random things and this city does not fail to fall into that category. On our way to doing a Slum Tour (yes you heard right) we came across the street stall in the picture below. They are real! When the guys saw we were not interested in purchasing one they pointed us to the vibrator stall next door. They came in local colours!

We were not permitted to take photos inside the slum, but essentially there are 150,000 people living in a shanty town on the beach at the back of one of the container ports and they run half day tours to show you what life in the slum is like. We are certainly the lucky country.

Finally, about 1km away from our apartment is a bar in the red light district that features dwarf boxing. The only saving grace here is that it is run by the dwarfs to earn an income as there is no disability funding here in the Philippines.

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