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To and From Lokobe - The Chameleon

Even though Lokobe is part of Nosy Be island you have to drive to village on the south east tip about 4km of dirt road which takes about 35 minutes. Then you get into an outrigger canoe and paddle another few km's along the coast to another village at the foot of the mountain reserve. After walking through the mangroves at low tide to get into the canoe and then the paddle it takes about another 90 minutes to get there. Along the road in the bushes and through the park there are number of different chameleons. The coloured ones are male and the brownish/orange ones are female from the same species. Then there are the tiny ones no bigger than half a finger length that hang out under the leaves on the forest floor. No matter how small the guide managed to find them. There was also a really photogenic one that was in the hotel garden today that I have added to this series just to keep them all together. After a 2 hour hike in the jungle we were treated to a great freshly cooked seafood lunch which is one of the best meals I have had since I have been here. Nothing like fish straight from the ocean to the pan. At least after sweating like a pig for a few hours and being eaten alive by mozzies a speedboat (for want of a better word) hooked our 3 canoes together and towed us back to the village. This time, instead of paddling, I was in change of water bailing.

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