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Things You Notice

The apartment is right next to the Mormon Church, 10 metres from the Baptist Church and across the road from the Synagogue. Funny that the Synagogue is the only one that has a 24x7 police presence and in spite of the sub machine guns they are carrying they all congregate under a market umbrella and have a nice plastic chair to sit on.

The other thing that is hard to miss is the chaos they call the telephone line system. Most of the streets in Manila look like the poles holding up the lines are about to fall over or that a tall truck will just take them out with one wrong turn.

The view from my apartment window is fast becoming the best way to determine a number of things: if it is going to be possible to get a taxi, will I need an umbrella, will I need to take the long route to the supermarket because the recent rain has made the open sewer drain stink to high heaven, will I have a higher chance of getting kidnapped tonight!

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