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The Centre of Nosy Be

Today I took a quad bike into the centre of the island and other than riding a horse or walking this is the only real way to move around the poor excuses for roads. Now I know why it is so difficult to move through mainland Madagascar as the roads are not maintained. In fact I was in a taxi yesterday and some kids were on the side of the road filling in pot holes in between cars going past and then they were asking the local drivers to give them some money for taking the initiative. I actually think they are onto something here as no-one else seems to be doing any of the road maintenance. The centre of the island consists of Zebu grazing land, a few small quarry's and some crater lakes (volcano formed) that are spring fed, crystal clear, every so inviting for a swim but full of Nile Crocodiles. Not sure how they got here but they are certainly here. Then on the way back I noticed some padi fields which I think are the only ones on the island with two guys very busily planting new shoots.

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