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Ravantsara Wellness Centre

Just an odd name for a resort hotel. I am currently staying here and the gardens are just beautiful. The staff here are the best I have found so far and I had the best octopus that I have ever had for dinner last night. The view from my bungalow looks over the pool and then over the beach to another small island about 2 kms away. I went for a walk along the beach this morning and found a group of kids playing on a tree. The one at the back of the photo was not happy about his brother bouncing the tree up and down and screaming loudly. Not exactly sure why they weren't in school. This place also has a spa in the centre of a large lily pond. Pity I hate massages. Then the oddest thing - two guys out with 2 Zebu ploughing the beach. No idea why as they weren't following collecting crabs or anything so a bit confusing, but unique to say the least.

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