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My new Abode

I have managed to find a house at the other end of the village (closer to camp) that allows me to be self sufficient. It is owned by the owner of the Ilo hotel and he hadn't quite finished it. His wife suggested that I move in and he finished off the solar system and the added the furniture within a few days. OMG, it has a fridge. No hot water though, but a fridge makes up for that. I can at least keep bottled water cool and have some butter so I can have vegemite on some crispbread. I have 2 bedrooms with very new and efficient mosquito nets and a nice view of the beach with a half finished garden. There is a small hotel next door that I have already spent 2 nights in and the bar dood can speak English and help me with boat transfers to the camp or to Hellville. All in all not too shabby. The photos below show a view from the beach to the house and visa versa.

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