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Lemars and the not so Furry

On Nosy Komba the village runs a Lemar park. The black Lemar is only found in this part of the country and the park has heaps of them. There are no fences to keep them in but they know when they are on a good thing and they come to a whistle knowing there is a banana waiting for them at the other end. They literally drop out the trees above you onto your shoulder and surprisingly they have no claws. There are also some not so furry animals in this part of the forest. A few different tortoise species including the giant one below, some cool green geckos and some "baby" boa constrictors. Apparently the big ones are in a national park on Nosy Be. I can go for a hike there next week. The final photos is just to fill the grid and is the view from the bar after the walk to the Lemars. Rum is the local drink here and comes in many flavours with my personal favourite being Cocoa (not that I have tried them all yet).

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