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I'm Moving Out

Sound like the title of Billy Joel song? So much for volunteering to help change the planet! This place is a complete scam and no better than being on a very badly organised school camp. In fact if this was a school camp I think the parents would remove their children from the school. Currently 100 volunteers here doing different "programs" that have no research credibility and untrained staff. I have moved into the local village which is a 3km walk away and a 15 minute boat trip (if you can talk someone into dropping you off on their way to Hellville). The village is primitive but has a school, a basketball court (from where you catch boats), a few scattered spring fed washing stations (see below) for the locals to wash themselves and their clothes, a handful of cafes and bars, a pharmacy (see below) and about 4 hotels with bungalows. Some of them even have hot water. I have moved into a bungalow at Hotel Ilo (photo below) which is run by a lovely French family. I will go back and forth to camp to finish my advanced diving certification and then I will move back to Nosy Be and possibly do some more stuff in Madagascar.

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