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How to go Insane in One Morning

Maybe I would be better off if I never did any project management training. I have to print 1 A4 piece of paper and of course there is nowhere on Nosy Komba to do that. So here is what has to happen. At 5.30 I get up to make sure I can catch the 6.00am boat to Nosy Be. I walk through the village with a torch as the sun isn't quite up yet. The boat is running 30 minutes late (that is considered on time) and I at least can sit on board watching the sunrise (pictures below). I then arrive at the small port in Hellville and walk into town via the 3 ATM's to get some money out at each one as they will only give you 300,000 Ariary a pop which is about $120 AU. I then go to the Oasis Cafe to get a fresh juice and a pain au raisen for breakfast. The printing guy doesn't open until 8am so I go down a not so nice back lane to take him my thumb drive with only one file on it. That way my French doesn't have to be that good to explain exactly what to print. This takes me 2 minutes and costs 10 cents. I then make my way back to the port to catch the 9 am boat back to Nosy Komba. If I miss that I have to wait until midday. The 9 am leaves at 9.45 (when it is full) and I then get back to Ampang (the village) at 10.30. Fortunately I am on the boat that is not as loaded up as the one that shadowed us into the port at 7.30 am (see below). I think that is enough project management for one day!

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