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Arrived at camp

Here we are at the Nosy Komba camp on day 1. A site attached to a small beach that allows the boats to drop you off at camp rather than at the village 3km away. There is a track along the shore between camp and the village, but it is a bit average in places and not to be attempted at high tide. There are huts that are about the size of a stable (photo 3 below) with 3 bunks in each. That would be OK except for the fact that you need to put your luggage somewhere and it just simply doesn't fit under the bed (photo 2 below). Add to that the fact it is all on a steep hill and you have to go up about 20 uneven steps to go to the bathroom or the shower (photo 1&4 below) then you have the makings of an occ health and safety nightmare. Try walking up these steps to the loo twice or three times a night. It is hard enough to get out from under the mosquito net and not wake the other 5 hut occupants.

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OMG, amazing! Looks like you really are in for an adventure. Good luck and enjoy?! - Kathy

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